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Re: 1.5.0: rxvt copy/paste problems

When I have CYGWIN=tty, I was able to reproduce the same exact problem.

David Rothenberger wrote:
I did some more testing.  The problem only occurs if CYGWIN=tty.
Without the tty option, everything works fine.

I'm having this problem on two separate Win2kPro SP4 machines.  I
did a clean Cygwin installation with only Base package this morning
and the problem still occurs.

Rolf, do you use "tty" in your CYGWIN variable?  If not, can you try
it?  If so, would you mind posting your cygcheck output, or emailing
it to me privately, so I can investigate further?


Rolf Campbell writes:
> I am unable to reproduce using 1.5.0/Win2000ProSp4
> > David Rothenberger wrote:
> > I'm seeing some weird, new behavior with rxvt under cygwin-1.5.0-1
> > related to copy/paste and its interaction with the Windows
> > clipboard. All of the weirdness described below goes away when I
> > revert to 1.3.22. I'm running under Win2k Pro SP4.
> > > > It seems that if I startup rxvt directly from Windows (Run box or
> > cmd.exe shell), that rxvt works fine wrt copy/paste. But, if I
> > start bash or ash first, and then start rxvt from there, the rxvt
> > copy/paste does not interact with the Windows clipboard at all.
> > Also, it seems that two rxvt windows start from the same bash/ash
> > process can copy/paste between one another, but not if they are
> > started from a different bash/ash process.

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