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little trouble

Hello CYGWIN team, i have a little problem when i try to run
commands from the bash (like chroot, ls, etc), appears a pop up
win dialog that say: can´t find the required .DLL, CYGINTL-2.DLL,
what should i do or need ?, i have a Pentium 2 PC machine with
Windows 95 and i had installed the following packages:
(extracted from the cygcheck utility)

Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version
ash                  20020731-1
base-files           1.3-1
base-passwd          1.1-1
bash                 2.05b-9
bzip2                1.0.2-2
cygwin               1.3.22-1
diffutils            2.8.1-1
fileutils            4.1-2
findutils            4.1.7-4
gzip                 1.3.3-4
libbz2_1             1.0.2-2
libiconv2            1.8-3
libncurses7          5.3-2
libpcre              4.1-1
libreadline5         4.3-3
login                1.9-5
ncurses              5.3-2
readline             4.3-3
sed                  4.0.7-2
sh-utils             2.0.15-3
termcap              20021106-2
terminfo             5.3-3
texinfo              4.2-4
textutils            2.0.21-1
which                1.5-1
zlib                 1.1.4-1

(Thank you) please answer me at:

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