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RE: _GETTEXT undefined problem


Thanks for the reply.  I will certainly pass on your comments to the
application developers.

In the meantime, your help was enough to point me to manually adding
"-lintl"  (and in one place, "-liconv") to four of the GNUMakefiles
generated by the configure programme.

Perhaps an ungraceful solution, but now the app does actually build, so
thanks very much!

Now all I have to do is wrestle with the differences between OpenMotif and
LessTif, as currently the app works OK in console mode, but segfaults as
soon as I try to start it in GUI mode....

Thanks again,


-----Original Message-----
From: Max Bowsher
To: Searle Mr JR;
Sent: 19/07/03 13:51
Subject: Re: _GETTEXT undefined problem

Searle Mr JR wrote:
> /usr/bin/gcc -L/home/otb/OTB_Intnl_ABCA/lib  -L/usr/X11R6/lib
> -o bmap_to_lmap
> bmap_to_lmap.o(.text+0x186):bmap_to_lmap.c: undefined reference to
> `_gettext'

There is no -lintl on the gcc command line to tell it to look for a

This only worked on Linux because gettext is built into libc there. This
a bug in the applications configure/make arrangements. Tell the
they will probably fix it.


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