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Re: 1.5.0: rxvt copy/paste problems

Christopher Faylor writes:
 > On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 10:57:54AM -0400, Rolf Campbell wrote:
 > >When I have CYGWIN=tty, I was able to reproduce the same exact problem.
 > Sounds like an extremely simple fix then.  There is no need to use
 > CYGWIN=tty if you are using rxvt.

Thanks for the work-around, Chris.  I didn't understand from the
Cygwin User Guide that CYGWIN=tty wasn't required for rxvt.

However, I do think there is a problem here.  I am also having
problems getting copy/paste with Windows to work with my
locally-compiled copy of XEmacs, unless I start XEmacs from an rxvt
window.  The CYGWIN variable is unset now on my system, but even
setting it to tty doesn't change this behavior.  Interestingly, the
copy/paste works fine until I start a bash shell within XEmacs, then
everything stops working.  Unless I started XEmacs from rxvt.

Yes, I know that XEmacs is not a support Cygwin tool or even part of
the release.  And I do have a work-around.  But I'm mentioning it
because it is behavior apparent only with 1.5.0 and not with 1.3.22,
and the work-around proposed above doesn't fix the behavior.

I can live with starting XEmacs from rxvt as a work-around, but
perhaps others will encounter similar problems with other apps when
1.5.0 is officially released and more people update to it.

BTW, I haven't recompiled XEmacs against the latest experimental
anything, since as I understand it, I need to wait for all the
libraries XEmacs uses (including X) to be recompiled for 1.5.0.  Is
that correct?

I have cygwin checked out and built from CVS.  The behavior is
unchanged using the CVS dll (no surprise, I'm sure).  I am willing
to do some debugging and research here, but have no idea where to
start.  If someone can point me in a direction, I can do more


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