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Re: perl with cygwin 1.5 doesn't fly.

Hallo George,

Am Sonntag, 20. Juli 2003 um 20:17 schriebst du:

> Check u're perl code again

Hey, I try to build perl from sources with the new 64bit Cygwin 1.5
prerelease.  All the code that is failing is the perl code from the
perl sources which is used to build Perl.

> Use strict;   # that way you must use 'my' to define all scalars

> My %module = ( 'cygwin'=>'Cygwin' ); # note 'cygwin'
> My $var = $module{$^0} || 'Unix'  # can't remember what special variable =
> # $^0 but note that since %module and
> # $var are in the same scope you should try not to name %module and $module
> bcos $module refers to an entry in the hash of %modules

> Print "$var\n";

Unfortunately, the static miniperl compiled with Cygwin 1.5 fails.  It
seems that every 'my' is treated like a '#' and so it is not visible.


P.S. please fix your quoting, these mails are archived and open to
every harvester (that means, please don't include email adresses in
the body of your mails!)

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