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Re: Cygwin version 1.3.20

Henry Da Costa wrote:
Elfyn McBratney wrote:

I will add this though: If you have a program that worked on 1.3.20*

which does

not work on 1.3.22* it's more productive to try and find out the cause

of the

problem rather than going back in time. If it turns out to be a

problem in the

Cygwin DLL, matbe the royal we can fix it.

Unfortunately, we have only an executable. Of course we're trying to
solve the problem in other ways and will take whatever solution we get.

Why do you only have the executable?  Also, why can't the provider of
this executable give you with the support you need?  Strictly
speaking, if the provider hasn't purchased a commercial license from
Red Hat, they are legally bound by the GPL.  If they aren't providing
source for all parts of the Cygwin distribution they're using, as well as
source for their executable, they are in violation of the GPL.  If this is
the case, this list would like to know about this violation so it can be
resolved.  Can you enlighten us on this aspect?

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