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Re: when is it useful to attach strace outputs to the M/L

Though it is contrary to my common practice to chime in on a thread cgf 
has already replied to, a message I sent was cited here, so I might as 
well clarify.

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Carlo Florendo wrote:
> Sometimes, when I post problems here, I attach the output of cygcheck
> and strace.  Could anyone point out when it's relevant to attach strace
> outputs here?  In the post
> the output of strace
> was not deemed to be useful.
The reason the strace output was not useful for debugging the problem I 
had (have) is that the problem itself does not show up on the strace. 

Strace shows the system (Cygwin DLL) calls made by a Cygwin program. It 
can be useful for debugging problems withing the Cygwin DLL. Most problems 
are not directly related to the Cygwin DLL though (most are cockpit 
errors) which means in most cases, strace output is not useful.

The Lynx problem is (or rather: seems to be) a Cygwin DLL problem which is 
kinda hard to debug (see the thread about it for more info). I sent the 
strace output (or rather: made it available so as not to pollute mailboxes 
with useless attachments) in the hope the Cygwin core developers would see 
something I didn't - that hope was in vain.

That being clarified, cgf, the Ruler, Czar and Monarch of Cygwin is, of 
course, right (but IMHO, adding a link to a site containing strace output 
never hurts).


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