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Re: GCC Errors - two versions released

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, William J. Moulton wrote:
> Has anyone noticed that two versions of GCC were released with the
> latest versions of cygwin?
As always, of course..

> I experienced many compile and makefile errors only to discover it was
> the GCC compiler version.  And have watched problem after problem be
> reported to the newsgroup about the compiler and makefile.  Version 2.95
> is called by adding -2 to the call for the compiler (eg. gcc-2 or g++-2,
> etc.)  Using just GCC (or g++) calls version 3.x.  After making this
> change all my compile and makefile problems disappeared.
.. which has been the case for quite a while now..

gcc V3 is significantly different from gcc V2, and some projects (may) 
depend on V2. Hence, our gracious gcc maintainer decided in his 
benevolence to provide us (the grateful and ingrate users alike) with 
both. gcc2 contains version 2.95.3; gcc contains version 3.2

> Also wouldn't it make sense to release the most stable version as gcc
> and the newer version as gcc2 of gcc-dev?  The everyone could avoid some
          ^^^^^ -> older?
> headaches.
Yes, that would make sense, which is exactly why this is the way it is. 
(reading s/newer/older/, of course)


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