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RE: [SEMI-OFFTOPIC] Request for Ralf Habacker

> Ralf,
> I appreciate the acknowledgement on your kde-cygwin web site but I
> really would rather not have my email address available on your
> acknowledgement page.
> I know that Corinna probably feels the same way and I suspect that
> Charles Wilson, Egor Duda, and Robert Collins probably all would rather
> not have their addresses available for spammers to harvest.  There are
> a few other people displayed there as well.  I can't speak for them but
> I would assume that most would feel similarly.
> I don't think there is any reason why users of kde-cygwin would need
> to contact any of us personally, so I would suggest just referring people
> to the cygwin web site if they have general questions or concerns.
> I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.  I see several
> attempts by spammers to send email to the address that you display on
> your web site, so I know that your site is currently being harvested.
> --
No problem. The email adresses are removed. 


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