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practicing building the cygwin.dll


I'm trying to build the cygwin dll from scratch.  I downloaded the entire distribution last year including the sources.  I've never
upgraded any package since then.

I have cygwin-1.3.12-4 installed. Attached is the output of cygcheck -svr

I assumed that building the cygwin.dll is as simple as going inside the ./cygwin-1.3.12-4/ directory, running ./configure, ./make,
and ./make install.

Running ./configure worked well.
However, I get these errors when running make:

<snip the rest of it>

newlib.stdlib           ..working in
atexit.c                ..linked
atexit.exp              ..linked
newlib.string           ..working in
string.exp              ..linked
tstring.c               ..linked
loading cache ../config.cache
configure: error: can not find install-sh or in .. ./..
make: *** [configure-target-newlib] Error 1

I wondered why it was looking for install-sh or in its parent directory.  I copied install-sh to the parent directory and
still got the same error.

The next thing I did was to go to the ./cygwin-1.3.12-4/winsup/ directory to try building it from there.
Running configure worked well.  When I ran ./make, here's what I got:

make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/include/w32api'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/include/w32api'

make: *** [w32api] Error 1

My /usr/include/w32api directory exists.

Lastly, I thought that going to the ./cygwin-1.3.12-4/winsup/cygwin/ directory would build the cygwin.dll
Running configure worked well.  When I ran make, I got:

g++ -c -gstabs+ -O2 -MMD -fbuiltin ...
In file included from
fhandler.h: In method `select_stuff::select_stuff()':
fhandler.h:1200: implicit declaration of function `int memset(...)'
make: *** [cygheap.o] Error 1

So, with the classic question found in this M/L: WAIDW (What am I doing wrongly)?


Best Regards,

Carlo Florendo
Astra Philippines Inc.

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