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When last we left our valiant hero, he was finally able to get ImageMagic to
config w/ jpeg. Although the support for EXIF seemed to still be missing
something, he compiled ImageMagick and trudged on to the next step in his
quest... PerlMagick.

Issuing the 'perl Makefile.PL' command, his confidence was again bolstered
by a the happy output of a Makefile generation. Then upon issuing the make
command, from out of nowhere like some ghost in the machine, the make

Our hero took a deep breath, read various docs and searched the lists, but
upon finding no answer decided to start over from the beginning. Upon doing
more thorough navigation at web site, he finds binaries for
cygwin. With spirits again bolstered, he downloads that along with all the
delegates and other various items ('cause he's a download doggy.) Hoping
just to get PerlMagick working, following strict software installation
guidelines of making small changes, one at a time, he installs only the
cygwin ImageMagick binaries. Disappointment strikes again; PerlMagick is
still unable to make.

Ok .... f*ck the story. It's too late. I hope you got a chuckle anyway.

I got Imagemagick to finally config and build w/ jpeg by uninstalling the
jpeg libs from the cygwin setup and then re-installing. The PerlMagick
Makefile.PL makes a Makefile that does not make. Did that make scense?
During make we get to ...

Creating library file: libMagick.dll.a

and then about a zillion messages like ...

Magick.o(.text+0xbd9):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_GetExceptionInfo'
Magick.o(.text+0xc00):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CloneImage'
Magick.o(.text+0xc14):Magick.c: undefined reference to
Magick.o(.text+0xc2c):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CatchException'
Magick.o(.text+0xcbc):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_ReacquireMemory'
Magick.o(.text+0xcce):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_AcquireMemory'
Magick.o(.text+0xdec):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_FormatString'
Magick.o(.text+0xe4a):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_AcquireMemory'
Magick.o(.text+0xe58):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CloneImageInfo'
Magick.o(.text+0xe6a):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CloneDrawInfo'
Magick.o(.text+0xe79):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CloneQuantizeInfo'
Magick.o(.text+0xecd):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_MagickError'
Magick.o(.text+0x1378):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_MagickError'


Seems to be a missing lib or path to find it.



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