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RE: ImageMagick/PerlMagick

The saga continues ...

Exerpt from my \usr\src\ImageMagick-5.5.7\PerlMagick\README.txt:

    Next, edit Makefile.PL and change LIBS and INC to include the
    appropriate path information to the required libMagick library. You
    will also need library search paths (-L) to JPEG, PNG, TIFF,
    etc. libraries if they were included with your installed
    version of ImageMagick. If an extension library is built as a
    shared library but not installed in the system's default
    library search path, you may need to add run-path information
    (often -R or -rpath) corresponding to the equivalent library
    search path option so that the library can be located at

I think I'm missing something when I try to make the necessary edits to
Makefile.PL. Maybe somebody could have a look. I think I need a -R or -rpath
but I'm not sure exactly where to put it. I just made changes to the INC and
LIB sections adding -L/lib (which is where some of the extension libs are)
and the -I\usr\local\include\magick -I\usr\local\include\Magick++. Not sure
if I need the Magick++; I can't figure out what I left out at this point.
Something else of note is that when I run perl Makefile.PL the output is ...

$ perl Makefile.PL
Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lMagick
Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lgdi32
Writing Makefile for Image::Magick

I would have to think that the fact it can't find the lib for -lMagick is
not harmless (i.e. bad.)


Finally going to sleep now.

> When last we left our valiant hero, he was finally able to get
> ImageMagic to
> config w/ jpeg. Although the support for EXIF seemed to still be missing
> something, he compiled ImageMagick and trudged on to the next step in his
> quest... PerlMagick.
> Issuing the 'perl Makefile.PL' command, his confidence was again bolstered
> by a the happy output of a Makefile generation. Then upon issuing the make
> command, from out of nowhere like some ghost in the machine, the make
> failed.
> Our hero took a deep breath, read various docs and searched the lists, but
> upon finding no answer decided to start over from the beginning.
> Upon doing
> more thorough navigation at web site, he finds
> binaries for
> cygwin. With spirits again bolstered, he downloads that along with all the
> delegates and other various items ('cause he's a download doggy.) Hoping
> just to get PerlMagick working, following strict software installation
> guidelines of making small changes, one at a time, he installs only the
> cygwin ImageMagick binaries. Disappointment strikes again; PerlMagick is
> still unable to make.
> Ok .... f*ck the story. It's too late. I hope you got a chuckle anyway.
> I got Imagemagick to finally config and build w/ jpeg by uninstalling the
> jpeg libs from the cygwin setup and then re-installing. The PerlMagick
> Makefile.PL makes a Makefile that does not make. Did that make scense?
> During make we get to ...
> Creating library file: libMagick.dll.a
> and then about a zillion messages like ...
> Magick.o(.text+0xbd9):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_GetExceptionInfo'
> Magick.o(.text+0xc00):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CloneImage'
> Magick.o(.text+0xc14):Magick.c: undefined reference to
> `_DestroyExceptionInfo'
> Magick.o(.text+0xc2c):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CatchException'
> Magick.o(.text+0xcbc):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_ReacquireMemory'
> Magick.o(.text+0xcce):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_AcquireMemory'
> Magick.o(.text+0xdec):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_FormatString'
> Magick.o(.text+0xe4a):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_AcquireMemory'
> Magick.o(.text+0xe58):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CloneImageInfo'
> Magick.o(.text+0xe6a):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_CloneDrawInfo'
> Magick.o(.text+0xe79):Magick.c: undefined reference to
> `_CloneQuantizeInfo'
> Magick.o(.text+0xecd):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_MagickError'
> Magick.o(.text+0x1378):Magick.c: undefined reference to `_MagickError'
> *snip*
> Seems to be a missing lib or path to find it.
> Takers?
> Thanks,
> Bill
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