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Re: documentation on building the cygwin dll

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Carlo Florendo wrote:

> From: "Elfyn McBratney"
> > > However, not one of them refers to info that shows how to build the cygwin dll.
> > >
> > > The faq contains an entry on how to build dlls but *not* how to build the cygwin dll.
> >
> > Perhaps from the heading it's a bit mis-leading, but what your looking for is
> > this <>.
> Thanks Elfyn :-)
> The heading is really a bit mis-leading.  Or rather, the answer to the question
> answers another question too, namely "How do I build the cygwin dll."  Could I
> propose some changes to the FAQ or could I just send a patch to its source.
> Of course I know cgf has the last say, but if it's all right, I'd like to
> propose an addition.  No problem if it ends up in /dev/null :-)

Of course it's OK. Patch away and submit to <cygwin-patches at cygwin dot com>.
Assumming you haven't found where the doc's source is, it's in
.../winsup/doc[/faq.texinfo] .


Elfyn McBratney, EMCB  |  |       |  wwwauth-users AT nongnu DOT org

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