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Re: How to tell if ntsec is on or off

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 10:54:06AM -0400, Larry Hall wrote: wrote:

On 23 Jul, I wrote:

I was going to qualify this with `when ntsec is defined in CYGWIN'

It's not easy to find out if ntsec is turned on, is it?  When I wrote
the above, I was thinking "ntsec turned on" means $CYGWIN includes the
word "ntsec".

But I think I've just realised that isn't true, is it?

If it's pre Cygwin 1.3.something-like-18, then it's on if and only if
ntsec is in $CYGWIN, but if it's after, it's on unless $CYGWIN includes
nontsec.  So the actual test you'd have to make would be something like
what I've written here (read "~" as "includes"):

version < 1.3.18 then $CYGWIN ~ \<ntsec else !( $CYGWIN ~ nontsec )

The version where ntsec was turned on by default was 1.3.13-1. See the announcement here:


Wow.  You mean someone actually announced it?  And it was nine+ months

That doesn't sound very mean at all. I'll have to work on that.

Indeed. Perhaps you need a remedial class in meaness.

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