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Re: How to diagnose Cygwin / Windows shutdown problem


You know, we heard you the first time...

At 10:02 2003-07-23, Richard Anderson wrote:
When I start Cygwin 1.3.22-1 and then try to shut down Windows XP using the
normal Start / Turn Off Computer procedure, Windows pops up the "End
Program - Cygwin ... Windows cannot end this program" dialog box.  The
cygwin ps command shows only a bash shell running.

I tried using Start / Run / msconfig to disable the startup of all
applications and rebooting, but the problem persists.  I'm guessing that the
next step would be to uninstall and reinstall Cygwin.  Any suggestions?

Where do people get this from? Maybe you should buy a brand new PC and start by formatting the drives, installing the OS, other applications and Cygwin.

Cygwin apps don't know about and cannot respond to the system-generated messages that request that applications quit in preparation for the system to shut down or the user to log off.

You just have to manually quit running Cygwin applications before shutting down Windows.

If you prefer "one-stop shopping", you can initiate shutdown from within Cygwin. If that works for you, do something like this:

# Quit all Cygwin applications
% shutdown -r now; exit

There's no man page or info entry for shutdown, so you if you want information on its operation, use "shutdown --help":

% shutdown --help
Usage: shutdown [OPTION]... time
Bring the system down.

  -f, --force      Forces the execution.
  -s, --shutdown   The system will shutdown and power off (if supported)
  -r, --reboot     The system will reboot.
  -h, --hibernate  The system will suspend to disk (if supported)
  -p, --suspend    The system will suspend to RAM (if supported)
      --help       Display this help and exit.
      --version    Output version information and exit.

`time' is either the time in seconds or `+' and the time in minutes or a
timestamp in the format `hh:mm' or the word "now" for an immediate action.

To reboot is the default if started as `reboot', to hibernate if started
as `hibernate', to suspend if started as `suspend', to shutdown otherwise.

Good luck.

Randall Schulz

Richard Anderson

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