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Re: Questions about building from CVS (was Re: documentation on building the cygwin dll)

David Rothenberger wrote:
>> Gerrit P. Haase writes:
>>  > Try this:
>>  >
>>  > #!/bin/bash
>> Gerrit,
>> Thanks for the script!  I just started building the cygwin DLL from
>> sources last week and this script sure does make it easier.
>> I do have two questions for those that have done it successfully.
>> First, how do you do the update from CVS?  If I go into the src
>> directory (created from "cvs checkout winsup") and run "cvs update",
>> I get a whole bunch of other packages in addition to winsup, which
>> isn't right.  If I run "cvs update" in "src/winsup", then the
>> supporting files in src aren't updated.  The best I can come up with
>> is to do "cvs update -l && cvs update *" in the src directory.  Is
>> this how everyone else does it?

Just don't use the -d option to update.

>> Second, when I run make install (or your script), I find that it
>> produces many errors related to directories not existing in the
>> install directory.  I generally have to create them by hand and then
>> re-run "make install".  I do the following:
>>   $ grep -h /bin/install: log.install*  | \
>>     sed 's/^.*`\([^'"'"']*\).*$/\1/' | \
>>     xargs -n1 dirname | sort | uniq | \
>>     xargs mkdir -p
>>   $ gerritsScript install
>> Does everyone have this problem or is it something specific with my
>> setup?

It's a bug, see the cygwin-patches@ archive.


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