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RE: Anyone trying 1.5.0 for anything other than managed mode?

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

> > I've been using 1.5.0 for my large build environment since it was
> > released.  No problems yet.
> Same story here, with one exception, discussed later.  I used all the latest
> [test] libs, bash, etc at work all day today, rebuilt gcc from cvs,
> re-autoxxxxx-ed source trees, everything works.
> The exception: The "-" and "+" keys on the keypad are giving me *two* "-"'s or
> "+"'s at the bash prompt.  The "/" and "*" keys are fine, as are the rest of the
> keypad keys, and the non-keypad "+" and "-".  It's not the new bash, since I'm
> seeing it at home too and I don't have the new bash here yet.
> --
> Gary R. Van Sickle


Are you using rxvt?  If so, try downgrading the version.  IIRC, there have
been some changes in KP_Add/Subtract handling in the last release...
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