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RE: Cygwin version 1.3.20

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Henry Da Costa wrote:

> Larry Hall wrote:
> > Why do you only have the executable?  Also, why can't the provider of
> > this executable give you with the support you need?  Strictly
> > speaking, if the provider hasn't purchased a commercial license from
> > Red Hat, they are legally bound by the GPL.  If they aren't providing
> > source for all parts of the Cygwin distribution they're using, as well as
> > source for their executable, they are in violation of the GPL.  If this is
> > the case, this list would like to know about this violation so it can be
> > resolved.  Can you enlighten us on this aspect?
> I'm trying to get what I need from the provider of that executable. The
> executable only calls Cygwin executables, much like a perl or shell
> script. It doesn't incorporate any Cygwin or Gnu code. Thanks for your
> help.
> Henry

In this case you should be able to reproduce the problems you're having
from outside of the executable, by simply calling the relevant Cygwin
programs with appropriate parameters from a particular directory.  If you
can do that, please let the list know the exact errors you're getting and
the exact steps to reproduce the problem with the newer versions of the
Cygwin programs.  The output of "cygcheck -svr" as an uncompressed text
attachment would also be helpful.  If the errors aren't reproducible from
a regular bash command line, see what other variables may be present,
e.g., network shares.
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