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Re: Subject: Corrupt characters in cygwin console (:310)

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 wrote:

> Subject: Corrupt characters in cygwin console (:310)
> I have recently installed cygwin on a Windows98 machine.
> In the cygwin console (and also the bash.exe console), I
> get corrupt characters after I type every 5 or so letters.
> Usually something like \:310, or \316\310.
> These seem to occur at a random frequency, independent of the
> actual letters typed, and can be removed by backspacing a few
> times.  Needless to say this makes it tiresome to type in
> commands!!
> Any help much appreciated,
> Thanks,
> Phil Shepherd


Do you have Windows configured with an international keyboard layout?  If
so, then you may be seeing expected behavior, as you get accented
characters by pressing 2-key combinations...  Otherwise, you might want to
report more on your problem by following <>.
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