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Re: Cygwin prevents normal Windows shutdown

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Richard Anderson wrote:

> When I start Cygwin 1.3.22-1 with the installed shortcut (which points to
> C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat) and then try to shut down Windows XP using the normal
> Start / Turn Off Computer procedure, Windows pops up the "End Program -
> Cygwin ... Windows cannot end this program" dialog box.  The cygwin ps
> command shows only a bash shell running.
> Is there some way to prevent this behavior?
> Richard Anderson


Apparently, bash doesn't react to the shutdown message that Windows XP
sends it.  I've observed similar behavior with Windows 9x.  Can you close
the bash window via the 'X' ("Close") button?  If not, then it's possible
that the correct WM_CLOSE message simply isn't passed to or handled by the
bash shell (and any other console Cygwin process).  On Windows NT/2k,
using the 'X' button sends a HUP signal to the shell.  This doesn't seem
to happen on Windows 9x (and, possibly, Windows XP -- I don't have an XP
system to test this on).  You could try to incite someone knowledgeable in
Windows messaging (not me, sorry) to investigate this further.
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