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Re: cut and paste problem with xemacs Was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Available for test: cygwin-1.5.0-1

Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
> Does anyone have any idea about how this issue (cut and paste between xemacs
> running under cygwin 1-5.0-1 and Windows applications).

Or even a suggestion on where to start looking?  

I still think this is related to the rxvt problems.  I've done some
investigation and testing with the latest cygwin CVS sources and I've
looked at most of the changes made between 1.3.22 and 1.5.0, but I still
am not even sure where to start looking.

I've checked out the rxvt sources and found the code which does the
copying to the clipboard.  It looks correct to me and is very similar to
the fhandler_clipboard code.  All of which makes me think it has more to
do with the process and its environment and less to do with the actual
application code.  But, I'm kinda stumped about where to start looking.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, even if its just "try looking at
somefile.c".  I don't mind investigation and can go with limited info;
I'm just out of ideas now.


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