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RE: apache dies with pppoe

Since dhcp is handled by windows i cant see how you can avoid having to run
a cron job, even if just a script to check if your ip has changed and
restart apache if so.
somthing like this

#check if we have the old IP recorded
if [ -e /tmp/old.ip ]
# we do so use it
OLDIP=`cat /tmp/old.ip`
# we dont have it, set to a value that will cause apache to restart
#get our current IP
NEWIP=`ipconfig |grep "IP Address" |sed -e 's/.*:\(.*\)/\1/' `

#check if they are the same
if [ "${OLDIP}" == "${NEWIP}" ]
                exit 0
echo "different ip"
echo "restart apache"
#add "/path/to/apachectl restart" here 
echo "saving new IP for next test"
echo "${NEWIP}" > /tmp/old.ip


(probably over complex but my scripting needs all the practice it can get.)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bill McCormick []
> Sent: 24 July 2003 17:29
> To: Martin Gainty
> Cc: Cygwin
> Subject: RE: apache dies with pppoe
> Ok ... let me back even further.
> The problem is that when I open up port 80 (on my f/w router) 
> and start
> accepting outside connections (to the 'puter running Apache,) 
> it appears as
> though (after some period of time) Apache stops listening or accepting
> connections, including from the LAN. If I restart Apache 
> everything is fine
> again - for a while. Based on other web/news group chatter, I 
> believe this
> problem is related to my DSL time-out and WAN IP changing.
> Now follow closely ... this is where I believe I'm on-topic here ....
> Other's using other OS's (Linux) have devised schemes (like enhanced
> scripting in if.cfg-ppp) to restart Apache when this happens. 
> I've spent
> more than a few hours looking at this problem (before making 
> the original
> post) and maybe the DSL modem time-out is not the issue - but 
> at the moment
> it seems to be the only explanation.
> So, simple question ... are there already CYGwin net 
> utilities that I might
> use solve this problem  from the angle I'm currently focusing (restart
> Apache when DSL time-out forces WAN IP change) ... right or wrong?
> In response to Martin:
> > I used to have an Instructor that would say PAY ATTENTION 
> and that is what
> > you need to do
> I won't even bother to comment here. Oops .. I guess I just did :)
> > If you acquire a device which handles adjusting Dynamic 
> Addressing and
> > Routes the incoming (and outgoing)
> I have just such a device configured as so. The word 
> "outgoing" was not in
> your original reply for me to pay attention to and I'm not sure how it
> applies - please explain. Even if the DSL modem connection 
> timed out and the
> IP changed during and http client/server transaction (which 
> it's not going
> to,) I'm not sure how that would effect Apache.
> > Port 80 transmissions to the PC which hosts the Web Server 
> (because that
> > same device just assigned it an IP because it is a DHCP 
> Server) then your
> > transmission will be successful
> My configuration is as so, usually clients can connect. 
> However, when my DSL
> modem IP address changes due to time out ... Apache stops 
> severing, or so I
> believe.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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