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RE: apache dies with pppoe

> Can I ask what your environment looks like?
	It looks like just like you thought ... except I might add to it as follows

> 	PC <------------> FW/Router  <----------> DSL Modem <--------->  Internet
	DHCP Client		Fixed IP			DHCP Client

> This doesn't make sense that your apache web server is dying on your PC if
> your PC has a
> fixed IP than your webserver should just run and run.

I agree ... note that the problem can be systematicly recreated by opening
port 80 on my FW.

* snip *
> Your FW/Router should have nothing to dowith what problem your are having
on your system.
I don't believe that it is the FW/Router either. I believe it has more to do
with how my DSL modem times-out, thus forcing an IP change.

> What happens when you install a binary Win32 version of apache,
> does it die
> too?

I don't know and I'm not sure I'm ready to find out yet either. It still may
be a configuration issue (and I'm going to look at that again right now,)
but the fact that it does "run and run" until I open it up (to the Internet)
is perplexing.


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