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slow directory access

So, as I understand it, cygwin opens every file it comes across in order
to fill in the executable bit, by determining if the file begins with
"!#"...  and this is the primary cause of the incredibly slow
performance when accessing large directory structures.

Is there any way of turning this off?  Or, alternatively, would anyone
like to flame me with an explanation of why I shouldn't be allowed to
turn it off?

The context:  working in visual effects - so large directory structures
containing many large files (sequences of film frames), and the need to
manipulate these in-place in the windows directories in which they
exist.  Executables (scripts) are often mixed in & data-specific, so
storing them under their own mount point is not an option.

Possible workaround:  mount everything "-x".  Better:  have the ability
to define which extensions are considered executable, and name all
data-specific scripts ".csh".  (Generic scripts can be mounted "-x".)


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