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Re: DLL 1.3.22 - etags 5.5.4 fails on XP Pro

Igor Pechtchanski <> writes:

> On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Jeffery B. Rancier wrote:
>> Larry Hall <> writes:
>> > It's not a bug, unless you consider a Windows program not being able to
>> > understand Cygwin symbolic links a bug.  I don't think there is much
>> > chance of changing Windows to permit all applications a proper understanding
>> > though.
>> I see.  Why does it work at all, then?  I renamed my emacs version of
>> etags to ensure that I was running cygwin's.
>> > I'm surprised you don't see this all of the time when invoked in NTEmacs.
>> > Regardless, it would never work, even if it doesn't complain.  Use
>> > Cygwin's emacs, ctags directly, or some emacs lisp wizardry to resolve
>> > this issue.
>> First time I've ever seen it is three years.
> What you could do is create an "etags.bat" that runs 'bash -c etags "%1"
> "%2" "%3" "%4" "%5" "%6" "%7" "%8" "%9"', put it in your PATH, and you
> should be able to call that from NTEmacs.
> 	Igor


Thanks Igor,

On a related note, in the 5.5.4 version of ctags, I can't seem to get the 'recurse' option to do anything useful.  

bash-2.05b$ ctags -e -R *.c *.h 

only includes the C source and headers in the current working directory.  Is this broken?


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