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RE: apache dies with pppoe

Todd wrote:

> I know on my FW/Router (Linksys) I can disable DHCP, can you do that with
> yours?  If so than disable your DHCP server on your FW/Router and have a
> fixed IP address only on your PC.  Also Is there a option in your
> FW/router
> to send Keep alive packets, to maintain your IP address on your FW/router?

> > 	PC <------------> FW/Router  <----------> DSL Modem <--------->
> 	DHCP Client		Fixed IP			DHCP Client
> 	IP by NIC MAC	DHCP Server			PPPOE

"DHCP Client, IP by NIC MAC" means that the IP address on the PC running
Apache is fixed. This PC ALWAYS gets the same IP address from the DHCP
server (router) based on the NIC MAC address. Again, I believe the issue to
be related to the DSL modem time-out and *it* DHCP'ing a new address. Or,
I've made a downright stupid bone-head configuration mistake in my

Netgear doesn't provide the keepalive option for the FVS318 in it's latest
firmware, or I've not noticed it. Good idea though, I'll check it again to
make sure.

I was actually hoping someone might confirm for me that this is *normal*
behavior for Apache through a PPPOE Internet connection. And that that
person was also running Apache on CYGwin, and that they have a solution that
works (just to keep this thread on-topic.)



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