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RE: apache dies with pppoe

> Get a static IP! :-)

Oh Thanks!! Your most helpful :)

I've got 2 kids in private HS, another still in diapers, and I've been
unemployed since May in a really bad job market. If I could even afford to
spend a few C-notes for a linux development box, we wouldn't even be having
this conversation write now. I've got the fastest, cheapest DSL I can
afford. I really can't even afford the $40/mon I pay Covad, but I just can't
live without a fast(er than 56k) connection any more. Once you go fat, you
never go back!!!

Ok, enough of my ranting and back on-topic ....

So does that mean you can confirm for me that this is *normal* behavior for
Apache through a PPPOE Internet connection? ... no matter what platform it's
running on?

Or do you just want to mess with me 8-) I can take it - bring it on {:0



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