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Re: Backspace problem on VMS

On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 10:05:52PM -0400, Larry Hall wrote:
>Hai Hong wrote:
>>I'm having a problem in which the backspace doesn't work as it should
>>when I telnet into a VMS machine while I'm in an xterm session.
>>Instead of deleting the character, my cursor jump to the beginning of
>>the line.  The DELETE key doesn't work either.  I've checked an made
>>sure that my TERM environment is set to VT100, which is what I used in
>>the Windows program SecureCRT without any problem.  Also, I don't have
>>any problem telnetting into a Unix machine.  Is there anything that I
>>should do to make it work?    I've been Googling both the Web and
>>newsgroup and couldn't anything regarding this issue.
>Cygwin's default (and best supported) terminal setting is 'cygwin'.
>Sorry, I know next to nothing about VMS so I can't direct you further
>on how to make the target VMS machine understand the 'cygwin' terminal
>settings.  But this information should help guide you to a line of
>research which will offer a solution I hope.

In this case, (and most cases, really) the TERM variable should just be
left as is.  It is set to "cygwin" when you are running from the console
and it should be set to "xterm" when you're running from an xterm.

On VMS, CTRL-H means "go to beginning of line".  So, undoubtedly xterm
is interpreting the [<-] key as a backspace.  I'm sure that google would
be able to help in redefining this key to something else (like DEL).

This isn't really a cygwin problem.
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