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Re: activating a dial-up connection from cygwin


At 07:01 2003-07-25, Rob wrote:

I was wondering if there was any way to activate an existing windows 2000
dial-up connection from the cygwin command line.

I don't know of an explicit command that will do this, and once upon a time before I received the blessing of DSL, I did look for such a thing. The best I could figure out is that if you configure Windows to dial on demand, then all you have to do is issue any old command that requires access to the Internet (nslookup, ping, etc.) to get a connection established.

Auto-dial is controlled (on Windows 2000 and probably XP, too) in the "Network and Dial-up Connections" sub-folder of the Control Panels folder. When that folder is displayed in Windows Explorer, a menu called "Advanced" appears. Choose the "Dial-up Preferences" command and select the "Enable autodial by location" for the appropriate location(s).

For shutting down, the only thing I know of is to set a suitable idle timeout. This option is controlled in the dial-up configuration's Properties dialog on the Options tab.

One caveat: I have found that from time to time, for reasons I could never discern, Windows will activate the "Disable autodial for the current session (until I log off)" option in the Advanced / Dial-up Preference dialog. When I found that my system was not dialing on its own, I'd have to go there and de-select that option.

Randall Schulz

The reason I want to know is because I have a shell script that
automatically backs up files to a remote computer (which is only accessible
through a vpn connection).  Since I don't want to maintain the VPN
connection all the time, I need a way to start it up (and possibly shut it
down) from the command line.

Thanks in advance,


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