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Re: upgrade question

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Rob Clack wrote:

> We have a large c/unix application which uses gtk and which has been
> ported to Windows.  Our gtk is ancient, as is our cygwin, and we're
> looking to upgrade both.
> The cygwin was, I gather, seriously hacked (some time ago) to get it to
> work, and I don't want to throw it away before establishing that our app
> and gtk 2.2.2 and the latest cygwin are all going to work together OK.

If you kept the original source around, you can create a patch and apply
it (perhaps by hand, at this point).  Unless your changes were in the few
areas of active development, most changes should be easily forward-ported
to newer Cygwin code - most of it hasn't changed *that* much.  FYI, if you
installed the source package through setup.exe, the original tarball is
probably still in the setup cache directory.

> Can I just rename my old cygwin directory tree (E:\cygwin) to something
> else and install the latest in its place?  I did read somewhere that you
> shouldn't have two cygwin1.dlls, hence the question.
> Thanks in advance
> Rob

Yes, you can.  If you want to be completely safe, rename the old
cygwin1.dll to, say, old-cygwin1.dll (I have a few on my system, no
problems yet).
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