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Re: cut and paste problem with xemacs Was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Available for test: cygwin-1.5.0-1

David Rothenberger wrote :
>Any suggestions would be appreciated, even if its just "try looking at
>somefile.c".  I don't mind investigation and can go with limited info;
>I'm just out of ideas now.
One idea would be to look at the source code of xemacs.
I presume that the copy and paste functions of xemacs (key combinations
Esc-W and C-y) are lisp functions which call directly or indirectly C API
Looking at these function calls would begin to shed light on the problem.

The other question on the cygwin side : what is the official or recommended
way of accessing the cut and paste buffer for an application written in C
(xemacs) and running under Windows+cygwin.

When we will have answers to both these questions, we can determine whether
- xemacs was using an undocumented feature of cygwin to interact with the
Windows cut and paste buffer, or whether the official cygwin API has
- other option : to the contrary, xemacs is programmed properly and there
has been a mistake in the code changes done in cygwin between 1.3.x and 1.5

I would be delighted to help, but I am busy at the moment, so I do not make
any promise.


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