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Re: [IDEA] Add words to cygwin documentation on how to use windows programs effectively

On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 11:06:46AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Boy, I miss Joshua.  It seems like David Starks-Browning is MIA, too, so
> our FAQ is falling behind.

I'm actually somewhat stable right now, staying with some in-laws 
with broadband and will be here for about a week. Then in late August I
should be moved to Seattle and back for good (life allowing). I read up on 
most of the cygwin-apps traffic last night and might be able to tackle cygwin@
this weekend. 

Speaking of David S-B, he had been AWOL even the last couple months I was 
around, but I hadn't gotten to the point of touching "his" files. Maybe it's time.

> Anyone interested in taking over the documentation reins while Joshua is
> on vacation?

This is of course fine, too. The cygwin-doc READMEs should be able to get
you started. I'll be somewhat available, but don't expect same-day replies. 

> We probably should add a new section to the cygwin docs talking about how
> to effectively use windows programs with cygwin.  I can see a shortcut
> section, an internet section, a java section, etc.

That will probably work. I've actually been pondering, and have about 
decided I want to, completely reorganize the User's Guide. Right now
the structure seems to be a holdover from the Red Hat CD release, and
I'd like it to be more in line with how the Cygwin online community uses
it. That's probably a bigger project than I want to tackle this week,
so maybe I can add something to "Using Cygwin" in the next few days.
Maybe by the end of summer (that's the equinox for the astronomically 
challenged) I can do the other thing. 
Ideas are welcome.

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