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Re: activating a dial-up connection from cygwin

Sam Edge <> wrote:

> It's a built-in in NT, 2k and (I think) XP and works fine for me from
> CMD.EXE or bash.

> There's a freeware (or perhaps shareware) version available for 9x/Me
> as well. You'll have to Google for that.

In 9x you can use rnaui.dll the way Explorer does when you're in the Dial
Up Networking Folder:

rundll32 c:\windows\system\rnaui.dll,RnaDial <entry name>
where <entry name> is the name of the DUN profile.

I've been using the following for quite a while now on Win98SE:
alias dial "start rundll32 c:\\windows\\system\\rnaui.dll,RnaDial <entry name>"

Note that <entry name> can have spaces, the RnaDial function seems to handle
it as one arg without explicitly making it one arg by quoting it.

The other option (which I used to begin with, before tracing how Explorer does
it) is to make a shortcut to the profile and use start.exe to launch it. But I
prefer calling the DLL directly.


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