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Re: ftp: can't set gid

George Njoku wrote:

I did a cat /etc/passwd
And my gid isn't the same as that of Administrator or Administrators
And I do have the same priveledges as admin.

Ps : I install so that only I can use cygwin.

If mean by this that you chose the "Just Me" option in setup.exe, then
you won't be able to install and run Cygwin daemons as Window services
(i.e. the ftp server).  This is a common misunderstanding.  If you plan
to run Cygwin services (ftpd, sshd, crond, telnetd, etc), please install
Cygwin for "All Users".  If you've already installed Cygwin, just rerun
setup and change "Just Me" to "All Users".  You don't have to actually
install or reinstall anything in the process.  Otherwise, if you're
interested in understanding more about what making this change means and
how to do it outside setup, see 'man mount' and the '-s' flag.  You need
'/', '/usr/bin', and '/usr/lib' to be mounted as 'system' for services
to work.  They'll be mounted as 'user' if you chose "Just Me" in setup.exe.

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