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RE: Apache Bug

> >> Can't find it in the archives (I'm sure it's there - I just
> can't find it)
> >> but I think the fix was post 1.3.22.  I'd suggest trying 1.5.
> That might
> >> be the quickest solution.
> >
> >Yea that's what I thought. So I tried upgrading to 1.50 last
> night and must
> >have gone a little to far with some of the other Exp packages. I ended up
> >with an unusable system
> Yeah, the old "unusable system" scenario.  It's a favorite of the
> 'It failed
> to operate for me' bug-reporter crowd.  It's also quite popular with the
> "My C program gave me syntax errors.  Can someone help?" set.
> --

OK. I think I'm getting dis'd, or maybe I'm just not understanding your
sense of humor. Or maybe I'm looking for humor where there is none intended.
If it's the former, I come to my own defense with this:

I was quite sure that whatever problems I had to end up with the "unusable
system" were of my own making, due to a "late-night-ah-f*ck-it" I'm just
going to pathological install everything as opposed to a more reasoned
approach of, say, maybe just installing 1.50.

So that's why I didn't bother to post anything to group. Only now, in my own
defense (if it's required) I open myself up for scorn and ridicule with my
tale of late night stupidity.

By the way, Apache just stopped serving in the last hour. Time for the
aforementioned more reasoned approach :)

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