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RE: Erroneous complaint about being unable to run emacs

On Sun, 27 Jul 2003 10:35:04 -0500, Bill McCormick wrote:
>Martin Cohen Wrote:
>>The reason for this is that my McAfee firewall was
>>set (due to my mistake) to not allow emacs to access the
>>internat. This caused the failure above.
>>I do not know why emacs (and other applications, such as
>>xclock) need to access the internet, but allowing them to
>>allows them to run.
>Emacs (and must programs X programs) use TCP/IP sockets to
>communicate to

Agreed, but what really bugs me is this:

Emacs has to use TCP/IP to look for an XServer, but the best it can to is look at and then $DISPLAY. Sooooo, assuming that both are on the same machine, why is McAffee
detecting an attempt to get to the Internet? Shouldn't they both resolve to the LAN? Unless McAffee/Norton and the ilk monitor the TCP/IP stack and put up "messages" before the
destination is decoded, assuming the worst?

Matthew O. Persico

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