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Assembler messaes:FATAL can't create /cygdrive....

G'day all,
I've recently installed cygwin v1.5.0-1 and gcc v3.2.3 on my machine
(windows ME) but am having a nightmare getting gcc to work!
I was running configure thus
sh configure --prefix=c:/fltk-1.1.4/fltk-1.1.4rc1/
and getting...

checking for gcc...   gcc
checking for C compiler default output...  configure:error:C compiler cannot
create executables.

To try to work out what was wrong I wrote a simple hello_world.c program to
test things. when I went to compile with
gcc -I/syg/usr/include -o hello.o hello_world.c
I received the following
Assembler messages:
Error: can't create /cygdrive/c/TEMP/ccJ6snL.o: No such file or directory

I then created the directory /cygdrive/c/TEMP and got
Error : can't open /cygdrive/c/TEMP/ccnsEmIl.s for reading : No such file or

from all this I gather that when I installed gcc the directory /cygdrive..
should have been created? with some stuff in it. I know f.. all about how
the assembler does its stuff!
Can anyone tell me where I've stuffed up?

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