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Re: Questions about converting apps to cygwin

> Chris wrote:
> > Hello!
> >
> > For experience (and because I want to use it) I am in the process of
> > converting the "bsdiff" binary diffing application to windows from *BSD,
> and
> > thought I would come via cygwin, and then decide if I should move to
> > windows.
> >
> > A couple of questions about converting apps..
> >
> > 1) Cygwin seems to lack err.h (the "standard" err.h, not the one in
> openssl)
> > which I've seen in quite a lot of applications. It is fairly easy to
> > around but still annoying it's not there. Is there some reason this
> in
> > the stdlib? could it be copied there from another GPL/BSDed standary C
> > library? Could I even write one? :)
> Don't assume we know what this is. Explain, or point to a reference.
> By the way, Cygwin's C library is newlib, so if this is a C library
> you would have to submit it to the newlib project, and it would
> automatically appear in Cygwin once it was accepted into newlib.

Sorry. "err.h" is a standard header included in the *BSDs and libc (at
least) which implements a number of simple functions for if your program
crashes. The functions are all called err* or warn*.

If you have a libc (or linux installation), info err.h will provide more
info. The source files are at:
src/lib/libc/gen/{err.c,errx.c,warn.c,warnx.c} (if you have put libc into

Unfortunatly I'm away from my normal machine at the moment so can't provide
an exact listing on the file. However as it is possibly more newlib related,
I'll go and look at their mailing list / archives instead.


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