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Re: GPL alert ?

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 07:52:36AM -0400, wrote:

Not only that, but this appears to go even further.  By essentially
"compiling" all these GNU utilities into one executable, there's a
violation of the GPL to the extent that the code used to do that does
not appear to be "Open Source".  Double Whammy here.

And by the way - I AM a lawyer. (Member of the Michigan Bar
Association in Good Standing).

I noticed that but i was wondering if these were actually cygwin tools.
Has anyone verified that?

In the support pages they show some registry entries that should be set, and they clearly show "Cygnus solutions\Cygwin" when talking about integrating "your application" into thinstall. Then again the compiler is part of their thinstall environment so I would assume that the "your application" was generated by their product.

Thinstall Studio Help - see page 60 for registry entries

Also from another site:
"To demonstrate the power of Thinstall the company has produced Unix Tools <>, a collection of 18 of the most useful Cygwin tools packaged into a single 1.1MB (floppy sized) EXE file that runs without any installation process."


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