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Re: No huge packets, please!

Rodrigo Medina wrote:
> Hello!
>   First of all I want to congratulate all you people that have made
> possible CYGWIN+XFREE. I think that the whole is already a mature,
> wonderful product. In particular the new multiwindow feature of XWin
> is really cool.
>   I have a petition to make: Have a little bit of mercy with us poor
> guys that have slow internet connections! For example at home I have
> a connection that most of the time is below 1kb/s, with such a speed
> to download XFree86-fnts (16.3Mb) takes at least 5 hours (but it can
> take much more). During such a long time the chances of losing a dialup
> connection are very high. What can you do?
> a) avoid making huge packets (say more than 8-10 Mb). I am sure that
> most huge packets, that are composed of many directories, can be
> splitted in some sensible way; or

Sometimes, huge packages aren't avoidable. (BTW, I'm on a horrible modem
too, I do understand the problems.)

> b) implement some way of downloading the packets with ftp, so one can
> use wget or similar programs capable of partial downloading; or

Try clean_setup from

> c) make the cygwin setup program capable of partial downloading.

Would be nice, but unlikely to happen unless someone steps forward to
contribute code. Personally, I'm happy using the above linked program - I
haven't downloaded a package with setup in years.


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