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Re: Source code for binaries offered at ?

Jonathan Clark wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> I see,  I thought this condition was to eliminate the need to mirror the
> source
> if you are simply redistributing binaries that already have source
> If it meets your approval for satisfying the GPL, I will add the following
> information:
> "Some programs inside of this archive use unmodified binaries from the
> Cygwin project which is released under the GPL license.  Source code for
> these programs can be downloaded from:
> Additionally, source code for these programs is available on CDROM for the
> cost of postage.  For more information on how to obtain the CDROM, email
> As soon as I get a request for CDROM, I will package it up and post on the
> web site as well - but so far people have been content to download it from
> cygwin website.

If you don't package up the specific source *now* how will you know and
obtain the source when you do receive a request?

There is no guarantee that the exact version you are distributing will still
be on the Cygwin mirrors.


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