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RE: Source code for binaries offered at ?

Mr. Clark,

      I almost never put on my attorney's cap anymore, but I am ethically
bound to
offer one piece of advice when I see that it is truly called for. Please,
seek out and consult
with an experienced software and intellectual property rights attorney at
your earliest
possible opportunity. You've got a very nifty little utility, but then
again, so did Napster.
I am not a software law specialist, nor have I specialized in intellectual
property when
I did formally pratice, but I know enough to see that there are lot of
legal issues you have
not investigated in depth - and I STRONGLY advise that you do so with the
of an experienced counselor.

Brian Kelly, J.D.

"Jonathan Clark" <> on 07/28/2003 07:01:18 PM

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Subject:    RE: Source code for binaries offered at ?

Hello Max,

This is a good point.  I have the source downloaded and in backups
around here - so it can be located if needed.  While I'm in the process of
putting together a new archive that contains more GPL disclaimers (and more
utilities), I wish to be in compliance by offering a CDROM for those that
desire it.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Clark

President / Jitit
155 Jackson St. #408
San Francisco, CA 94111

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From: Max Bowsher []
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 2:40 PM
To: Jonathan Clark;
Subject: Re: Source code for binaries offered at ?

Jonathan Clark wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> I see,  I thought this condition was to eliminate the need to mirror the
> source
> if you are simply redistributing binaries that already have source
> If it meets your approval for satisfying the GPL, I will add the
> information:
> "Some programs inside of this archive use unmodified binaries from the
> Cygwin project which is released under the GPL license.  Source code for
> these programs can be downloaded from:
> Additionally, source code for these programs is available on CDROM for
> cost of postage.  For more information on how to obtain the CDROM, email
> As soon as I get a request for CDROM, I will package it up and post on
> web site as well - but so far people have been content to download it
> cygwin website.

If you don't package up the specific source *now* how will you know and
obtain the source when you do receive a request?

There is no guarantee that the exact version you are distributing will
be on the Cygwin mirrors.


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