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Re: upgrade question

Thank you for this. However, I managed to find a disaster in there despite everything. :o(

I renamed the whole e:\cygwin tree to e:\old_cygwin. I had to rerun the install several times, for reasons I need not go into. Eventually it got to the end and said "I found an old cygwin, shall I delete it?" I assumed it meant one from the immediately previous installation, which had also completed, but with errors, so innocently pressed "OK". Mistake. It deleted the whole e:\old_cygwin tree, including a load of stuff that wasn't actually cygwin at all and was only there for historical reasons.

And none of it is recoverable, nor backed up, of course. Boo hoo.


Larry Hall wrote:
Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Rob Clack wrote:


Can I just rename my old cygwin directory tree (E:\cygwin) to something
else and install the latest in its place?  I did read somewhere that you
shouldn't have two cygwin1.dlls, hence the question.

Thanks in advance

Yes, you can. If you want to be completely safe, rename the old cygwin1.dll to, say, old-cygwin1.dll (I have a few on my system, no problems yet).

Right. The issue isn't duplicate DLLs. The issue is using duplicate DLLs. Just make sure that you're new installation can't see the old and that you don't run apps that can find the other DLL. There can be only 1 Cygwin DLL loaded at a time.

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