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Re: Source code for binaries offered at

Jonathan Clark wrote:

> I will write up some documentation soon about the GPL issue, but a quick
> clarification:
> 1. unix_tools is free (as in beer) [...]   I realize the fact that
> unix_tools is free does not change any GPL issues, [...]
> 2.  Thinstall does not modify the binary structure (i.e. bytes) of files it
> "links" together other than to provide compression.  In this manner it's no
> different from zip or tar.  

Thanks for clarifying this, and I'm sure the demo is a very useful tool.

But it would perhaps be best if your demo was just a script or something
to use Thinstall on a _customer-downloaded_ copy of cygwin to create the
demo image.

I.e. make available to your customers the script, and the instructions to:

* Install cygwin base
* Run the demo script to build the demo unix_tools binary
* Enjoy.

This way, everyone stays clear of the GPL issues.

Alternatively, you can also make available the src tarballs for the
version of cygwin and cygwin-ported tools that you created your
unix_tools image with.

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