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Other format: [Raw text] unavailable from blueyonder/telewest uk

I'm fresh to this list so please excuse if this is a common kind of

I can't get to from my home PC.  I wondered if this is
because of problems with my telewest/blueyonder ISP; looking at the site
from another ISP I don't see any problems.  Whatever:

My question is: can I install cygwin without access to, and
if so, how?  Here is what I've done:

found a mirror site and downloaded setup.exe

run setup.exe

It can't get the list of mirrors, presumably because it can't contact  So setup fails.  I tried downloading setup.bz2 as well in
the hope that setup.exe would find it before trying to download it, but
no joy.

>From the FAQ:
>If you are downloading from the internet, setup will fail if it cannot
>download the list of mirrors at It
>could be that the network is too busy. Similarly for an ftp download
>site that isn't working. Try another mirror, or try again later.

I would try another mirror if I knew how.  Is there any way of
configuring setup.exe not to use to get its list of mirror
sites, or to specify exactly which mirror site should be used?

any help much appreciated,


== . Matt Fairtlough . ==

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