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Re: unavailable from blueyonder/telewest uk

On 29 Jul 2003, Matt Fairtlough wrote:

> I'm fresh to this list so please excuse if this is a common kind of
> question.
> I can't get to from my home PC.  I wondered if this is
> because of problems with my telewest/blueyonder ISP; looking at the site
> from another ISP I don't see any problems.  Whatever:

I use both Blueyonder and Freeserve and have no problems here, though this isn't 
the first time someone has asked this.

I would try pinging or even a traceroute (ping and tracert from 
cmd.exe/ and see what you come up with. At a last shot, call the 
support line (of Blueyonder) and ask them what's up.

> My question is: can I install cygwin without access to, and
> if so, how?  Here is what I've done:

Unfortunately not as you have noticed below, setup.exe requires the file 
mirrors.lst, which is located on .

> found a mirror site and downloaded setup.exe 
> run setup.exe
> It can't get the list of mirrors, presumably because it can't contact
>  So setup fails.  I tried downloading setup.bz2 as well in
> the hope that setup.exe would find it before trying to download it, but
> no joy.
> >From the FAQ:
> >If you are downloading from the internet, setup will fail if it cannot
> >download the list of mirrors at It
> >could be that the network is too busy. Similarly for an ftp download
> >site that isn't working. Try another mirror, or try again later.
> I would try another mirror if I knew how.  Is there any way of
> configuring setup.exe not to use to get its list of mirror
> sites, or to specify exactly which mirror site should be used?
> any help much appreciated,

Sorry I can't help you more.


Elfyn McBratney, EMCB  |  |       |  wwwauth-users AT nongnu DOT org

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