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Re: apache problems gone with 1.50

> This is good to hear. Perhaps I will switch from Apache for Windows ->
> Apache under Cygwin. Only problem is I also trying to move my web site
> over to a Linux box instead - which makes this all kinda moot. However I
> do have a friend who wishes to host his web site on a Windows box and I
> am contemplating using Cygwin for most services. If Apache under Cygwin
> works well with 1.5.0 then perhaps I'll just go that way. I wonder if
> anybody has measured the speed difference between Apache for Windows and
> Apache under Cygwin...

I did some time ago. It was almost 35-40% slower on Apache for Cygwin
then his native (win32) counterpart.

Plain html file requests, no php or any other "magic".

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