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Re: cygwin and NTFS

Elfyn McBratney wrote:

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Menon, Girish (MED, WIPRO-GE MED) wrote:

Does anybody know of any issues that cygwin 1.3.22 has with NTFS?

Here's what happened.

So far, I have been using cygwin 1.3.10 on NTFS with no problems.
Recently, I upgraded cygwin to 1.3.22 and all of a sudden I am starting
to get permission errors with NTFS. I then reloaded by system and
configured as FAT32 instead of NTFS. Now everything works fine. No
permission problems at all. So I reloaded with NTFS now. Now again, I am
getting the permissions problems.

I can't remember exactly what version the behaviour changed but, Cygwin went to ntsec off by default (your NTFS bliss) to ntsec on by default. So, adding 'nontsec' to your CYGWIN environment variable should fix that for you.

Right.  This changed for 1.3.13 of the Cygwin package.  Your suggestion,
Elfyn, should work for the current problem but it suggests a
configuration/installation issue at it's heart.  It would be good to
understand this issue better, especially since the workaround compromises
security for openssh at least.  So while using 'nontsec' should solve the
problems with permissions (by disabling them), there is a cost to doing so.

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