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RE: Local printer access question..

> From: []On Behalf
> Of Rick Rankin
> >  Using a single page HTML print from IE6 in "zz.prn"
> >
> > These do "work":
> > 	D:\>print /D:LPT1: zz.prn
> > 	D:\zz.prn is currently being printed
> >
> > 	D:\>print /D:\\P450\DJ720C zz.prn
> > 	D:\zz.prn is currently being printed
> >
> > This one has problems:
> > 	$ cat /cygdrive/d/zz.prn | lpr -l -PLPT1:
> What, exactly, do you mean by "has problems"? Any error messages,
> etc?

 =-) the text in the next paragraph tells more...  at EXPLANATION

> Unfortunately, I have no way to test lpt-style devices since
> I don't have
> any locally-connected printers, either at home or work.

 My guess is that you hardly would be able to reproduce it anyway.

> >  The first doc prints. Any following documents causes the printer to
> > "hang" - turning it off is enough to be able to print yet
> > another doc. On one occassion I got something that I've never seen
> > Power, "no paper" and "low ink" leds rapidly flashing in that sequence

> >
> > This one "works"
> > 	$ cat /cygdrive/d/zz.prn | lpr -l
> > 	$ echo $PRINTER
> > 	//P450/DJ720C
> > 	$
> >
> > with one exception on all of them; they do not eject the page
> at the end of
> > printing. Unless you start another document print...
> Near as I can tell, this must be a driver problem. It ejects the
> last page just fine on my Deskjet 990C.

 I'm not too surprised.

 Now all I'll have to do is find a replacement for a2ps/enscript that
creates PCL-stuff instead of postscript. I believe there is some sort of
support for deskjets in ghostscript, but that seems to be a long way to go.
Other things seem to be available too - judging from some google-hits
yesterday (djtools in Debian and some sort of hp720-driver in redhat linux
for starters).

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden, 59?14'N, 17?12'E. >17?C
average/day now.

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