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Re: "Using Cygwin Effectively with Windows" -- Draft of new User's Guide section


Thanks for doing this.  I'll take a look at the document itself later on.
For now, a few quick comments (inline below).

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

> I've thrown together a prospective "Using Cygwin Effectively with Windows"
> section for the User's Guide.
> If you'd like to look at it as a web page:
> <>
> I'm going to be leaving this broadband connection in under 48 hours,
> so I'll probably put this into CVS tomorrow (with any corrections)
> unless there is a horrendous outcry against it. Then I'll be in and
> out of contact for probably a(nother) couple of weeks while I move.
> Some things:
> --Q: Does anyone know of a page that lists command line configuration
> utilities included with Windows 95/98/ME vs. Windows NT4/2000/XP?

Try <>
and <>.  The
first link is actually a snapshot from the internet archive -- the page
itself seems to be gone.

> --FYI: There are links to outside sites like, Hummingbird's
> free-beer SOCKS proxy, etc.
> --Documentation of printing is sparse since I don't really do it much.
> Does anyone have extensive documentation of their complex setup?

Complex setup of what?  There were some messages on printing from Cygwin
on this list.  For the most part, lpr from the cygutils package just
works (with the Windows printer name).  Tools like a2ps and enscript might
merit some mention, as well as gsprint.  My modified version of Pierre
Humblet's lpr script that uses gsprint was posted at some point too.

> --There's basically nothing on Java except a sample about translating
> the CLASSPATH to DOS format. I'm not sure what else to put in.

I've posted a message a couple of months ago with wrapper scripts for Java
and Co that do the proper conversions of parameters.

> There are no Cygwin-native java compilers, right?

Well, I use jikes, which, IIRC, built OOTB.  Haven't gotten around to
packaging it up yet, but probably will work on that shortly.

> Thanks.
> Joshua Daniel Franklin
> Attached is the text.

Hope this helps,
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